Spring is officially here! The long, cold days of winter have passed and warmer weather brings about new life. I love the new beginning that spring represents. Just as the living things outside shed the old and begin anew, I too, get rid of the old and create a (somewhat) new (but mostly improved) life. I do this through spring cleaning and I do it in three areas…

The first area of my life that gets a spring cleaning is my environment. My family and I are intentional about living a minimalist lifestyle. Spring is the perfect time to declutter and reduce any items that the family has outgrown (not just clothing), seasonal items that were used during the long days of winter when we were stuck inside (or those that we used outside in the snow), and items that we have decided we are ready to live without (this one is on-going as we strive to perfect the minimalist lifestyle).

Once all of the extras are cleared out, deep cleaning is made easier. Deep cleaning looks different for everyone. I clean my house frequently, all year round, so deep cleaning, for me, means cleaning windows, inside and out, dusting shelves in closets, organizing the pantry and sanitizing the fridge. It can also mean purchasing new towels and linens, laundering curtains, shower curtains, pillows, and blankets (and storing away the winter ones). The inside then gets a good dousing of my homemade lemon air freshener and a fresh bouquet of flowers (Trader Joe’s is the best place to buy fresh flowers, herbs, and succulents). Lastly, the outside of the house gets a good cleaning–sidewalks, porch, and driveway swept, columns and panels dusted off, debris and weeds are cleared, screens cleaned, and fresh flowers planted.

The second area of my life that gets a spring cleaning is my diet. As seasons change, so should our diets. It is natural for our bodies to crave warm, heavy, comforting foods during the short, cold days of winter. With spring, the days get warmer and longer. We begin to spend more time outside and on our feet. The mere sight of green in the landscape can induce a desire for more natural, living food such as lettuces and herbs. Spring is definitely a time when I start to look for lighter fare that is easy to tote with me and my family as we head outdoors. Some of our faves include baby carrots, fruit salads with pineapple, clementines, and strawberries, and veggie sandwiches with hummus, butter lettuce, sprouts, and avocado.

The third area of my life that gets a spring cleaning is my routine. Because spring brings longer, warmer (and dryer days), it only makes sense to incorporate activities that allow for more time spent in nature. My family and I live in an area that offers endless trails. We love spending the late afternoons of spring out on a hike or on a slower nature walk to see what tiny wildlife we can find. These dates with nature are a great way to get sunshine, fresh air, and to ease the body into an exercise that the body wasn’t necessarily engaged in during the winter.

As you enter springtime, what areas of your life need a spring cleaning? Would sprucing up your environment help you to feel less overwhelmed and anxious? Would incorporating some of the seasonal foods found in spring give you a little pep in your step? Can making even a subtle change to your current routine help you to incorporate some much-needed time engaged in physical activity?

For support with your spring cleaning, consider my One-on-One Health Coaching Program.