Combining Education

& Experience Since 2004

 I never dreamed I would become a Health Coach.       

Now, I couldn’t dream of being anything else.

When I decided to pursue a teaching degree, I had no idea the path my life would take or how invested I would become. After just two years of teaching, I realized how important it was for me to become a special educator. It wasn’t just so I could help those with a learning disability, but because everyone learns differently. As my husband and I moved around, I was diligent and earned my master’s in special education. Just as I was finishing that chapter, another would begin–a move overseas and our firstborn on the way.

As I spent my days adjusting to my new surroundings and preparing for baby, I stumbled upon the documentary Food Matters. Everything I thought I knew about the food industry in America was completely changed. My belief in a system that I had been raised to trust had been torn down. This is when my journey to an authentic life of wellness began.

I read. I watched. I read some more and I listened. Most importantly, I asked questions. I had to. As my body formed and nurtured a little life inside it, I had to give it nothing but the best. For the first time, the connection between what goes into our bodies (nutritionally and from the environment) and how the body responds (develops, behaves, and learns) was clear. And so was my mission. I had to share my newfound news with the world. Overtime, I would do just that. I would also expand my knowledge and my skills by getting certified as a Health Coach. 

Now, as a mom of three, I am even more passionate about helping others create a life of wellness. I have a big heart for mommies (especially those expecting!) and for the families they serve. 

Why Havalah?

Havalah means “life” in Hebrew. The goal of Havalah Wellness is to provide a nonjudgmental, supportive place where individuals can achieve wellness through a holistic approach and ultimately live the life they desire.

My Mission

As a Mom, Educator, and Health Coach, I want to…

CONNECT with other moms (and moms-to-be!), families, and school communities.

SHARE information about health and wellness and how it relates to our kids and our community.

SUPPORT my community by offering its members a path to a life of wellness.


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